• D2 34W 12V 2.2KW

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    • Because the Ducato floor is so low, it is not possible to meet both requirements. I mounted the metering pump in its large rubber bushing at an angle of approx 20° but had to loop the fuel line to the main unit.
    • the requirement to have a continuous rise to the heater for the fuel delivery tube does not seem to be relevant with the fine bore tubing used

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  • red - power supply plus
  • yellow - switch on signal
  • grey - actual temperature
  • white/red - switch off burglar alarm
  • brown - earth
  • blue/white - diagnostics
  • grey/red - nominal temp
  • brown/white - sensor ground

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  • 60mm inlet and outlet
  • rheostat 1802-2209 ohm
  • EB147 30100186

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